The limit will be to forward the message to WhatsApp

By | July 29, 2018

WhatsApp will now have a limit for forwarding messages. This social media company informed on Thursday that he will soon set the limits for forwarding messages on his platform. In fact, due to the rumors sent by WhatsApp on the recent occasions, there have been many cases of killing of dozens of people by mob. Since then WhatsApp was supposed to take such a step.

The company said in a blog post that it is testing the limits for forwarding messages on WhatsApp in India, where the most messages and videos are forwarded worldwide. The company plans to issue the message for forwarding the message to India. In addition to being seen next to the message, the removal of the “quick forward” button is also being considered.

At the same time, the company will forward the message limit for 20 in the Global version of Whatatsapp. It is worth noting that in India, the use of WhatatsAP has been used by political parties to connect with the public. WhitSap is the most important contribution of forward message.

Earlier, WhatsApp had rollout a new feature that lets the user know if the message that has been forwarded has been forwarded or not. The look of this feature was already available on the Android Android Beta app. In this feature of WhatsApp, all the forwarded messages are mainly labeled ‘Forwarded’. With this, any user will know that the message has been written by the sender, or the message sent by another user has been pushed forward.

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