Jio Phone Exchange Offer: Rs 501 No, 1095 will be given to you

By | July 29, 2018

The Jio Phone monsoon ruckus was rolled out on July 21. Under this offer, customers can exchange their old feature phones and buy new live phones at Rs 501. This offer is available in Geo’s retail partner store. The 501 rupees given to buy live phone will be returned to the customer after three years. However, initial details of this offer were not available. Now it has been revealed that the subscriber will not have to pay Rs 501 in the live phone monsoon ruckus offer. According to official information, in addition to 501 rupees to buy a new Jio Phone, the additional 594 rupees will be given. This is the cost of free data and voice calls for 6 months. In this way, customers will have to pay a total of Rs 1,095, instead of Rs 501.

If seen, the amount of Rs 594 is the cost of a Recharge Pack of Rs 99 for a 6 month Recharge Pack. It is worth noting that the company has also introduced a new Recharge Pack for Jio Phone which is Rs. 99. In this, the customer gets unlimited voice calls, 0.5 GB data and 300 SMS free every day. Its validity is 28 days. After paying 594 rupees to the customer, the customer will get Recharge pack of Rs 99 for 6 months. Its validity will be of 6 months. Apart from this, 6 GB bonus data will be given by the company. In this way, in total, 90 GB data will be available for use in 6 months.

Under the Jio Phone exchange offer, customers will be able to exchange their old phones in Geo’s authorized retail stores. Please note that the old 2G / 3G / 4G phone offered in the exchange should not be more than 3 years old. Apart from this, the phone provided by the customer should be working and the charger should be accompanied. All these accessories will have to be given to you when buying new live phones.

Customers will be given a new live SIM. By the way, if the customer wants, he will also be able to retain his old number with the help of mobile number portability.

A spokesman of the company said, “There are 2 plans available for live phones now, which are Rs 49 and Rs 153. There is a Rs 49 trial plan, in which the customer is given 1 GB monthly data and the same is available at Rs 153 The plan uses 1.5 GB for everyday use, we have realized that many users do not need so much data, so they should have a cheaper plan, so we have offered a plan of Rs 99 In which 28 days unlimited voice calls, 0.5 GB data and 300 SMS is received every day, which will reduce user’s monthly expenditure by almost 50 percent.

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