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X-ray will not have to go now, drag your mobile to any part of your body X-ray

X-ray will not have to go now, drag your mobile to any part of your body X-ray

X-ray body scanner simulator is an entertainment app that lets you scan fake X-rays on your friends.

Remember that this app is not a real X-ray machine, but only a simulator, which some of your friends can take as a real roentgen scanner.

Use the X-ray camera scanner prank app to surprise everyone with funny X-ray and enjoy yourself. You can tell that you know your secrets and desires using this X-ray body scanner mischief.

The X-ray Body Scanner simulator is the perfect prank application to play on friends and family.

It’s a real trick to make fun with your friends and make your relative fool.

The X-ray Body Scanner Simulator app is a mischievous fake X-ray scanner to deceive your friends that you have a great phone app that can do X-ray with their left hand.

How To Use:

► Put your hands behind your phone.
► Start X-ray app.
► Adjust your friend’s body with the blue print of the body shown in the camera, click on the picture of your friend.
► A laser beam will run on your hands.
► Tilt your phone up or down to scroll an X-ray image up or down.

Different body parts are available to scan: head, hands, feet, cheats.

Future instructions
► Put your phone on your left hand, leg, head, chest, stomach
► Open X-ray scanner app
► Tilt the phone to scroll the X-ray image
► Tilt the phone to scroll down.
► Have fun with x-ray mischief !!!!!

Instructions: –
– Open X-ray body scanner simulator app
– Point the camera to the person’s hands. Need to keep the fingers separate!
– You will see the bones of hands, palm and fingers.
– You can take your hands and fingers.

This app is for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true xray scanning functionality.

Disclaimer – An X-ray body scanner simulator fun is of no practical value, which has no medical value.

Thanks for installing the X “X-ray Body Scanner Simulator” app. Have fun using it and please remember that if you have any suggestions for improvement, just send us a message. We read every email and are happy to answer … ♫

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How to create your Name Android apps

How to create your Name Android apps
When it comes to developing an Android app or creating an App, you have the same question in mind that app creation is a very difficult task, and it can make it a good app developer or a person with good information about it. Is. Creating an app from us is not possible. So let me tell you that nothing like this happens. Creating an app is an easy task and there is no need for a different skill. If you get a lot of coding and you have general information about the internet, you can prepare your own app for yourself. From the many websites on the internet or Platforms where you can easily create free and paid apps in just a few minutes.

create free aplication your name

It is now easier to create your own app. With the help of Drug and Drop Interface Professional Design Templates and a variety of advice, you can make the app run on the platform of your choice.
So friends, if you want to create your own Android app for yourself and look for a good App Developer Platform or a good app for it, then today we are going to help you in this post. In today’s post, I will tell you about some good app building websites or platforms where you can create a nice interface for yourself and publish it on your favorite platform – like Google Play Store or Apple App store etc.

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