By | September 12, 2017
The Rajkot Urban Development Authority (RUDA) published the form for the two sites of the Chief Minister’s Home Scheme, which was set up in the Munjka area and today, since its distribution from all the branches of HDFC Bank, the urban people have called for a form of accommodation scheme. All the branches of the HDFC Bank located in the city were exposed to a long line along with the opening of the bank.

In particular, the Chief Executive Officer of ‘Ruda’ PB Pandya said in a conversation with ‘Aadhaval’ that the two housing plans of Munjka TP scheme no. 17 will be finalized in the final plot no. 73 and 79. Both the Chief Minister’s Home Plan form has been published and this form can be found in all the branches of HDFC Bank operating in the city. In the EWS-1 housing scheme, 2-bed, halls, kitchen flats will be provided for Rs.3.50 lakh and 3 beds, halls, kitchen flats will be provided for Rs.5.50 lakhs in the EWS-2 category. Both of these housing plans are going to come true in the area
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