By | August 31, 2017
Can you imagine that you will not need electricity to charge your cell phone soon, but will it be possible with water and cash? No, no, we are not giving any imagination, but are giving you the hope that is going to be fulfilled soon. In fact, the possibility of such a revolutionary technique via Hydra-Lite has arisen. This information came out through kickstarters.

In this technique a patent has been used, after which you will get rid of the use of the battery. This invention has a carbon battery and a metal cylinder that is called “powerroad”

After this you have to inject the power rod or inject it again. As soon as the power rod comes in contact with the Salted Water, it will start generating power, through which you will be able to charge any light or any device through USB. Your device can also be in these devices.

Let you know that Hydra Lite is available in many formats, which can be fitted according to your needs, including lamps, street lamps and batteries. This invention can be called revolutionary due to some reasons. The first is that it encourages the use of sustainable energy. Secondly, it can prove to be life saver on such occasions when other sources of electricity are scarce. Imagine how useful it can be for hikers in the mountains.
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