By | February 6, 2017
Reliance Jio happy new Year ended March 31, will be offered. Discovered realiance announced, as per the telecom rules more than 90 days can not give any firm offers for free. Now users will be able to take advantage of Gionee Welcome Offers up to 31 March. Many have come to know this trick.
MyJio first open the app, and there’s going to look heppinyura Year to date, which will be from 31 March.Now you need to install the older version of Apple’s MyJio. Uninstall the app for her.
MyJio app will be going on to install the older version.The site will be downloaded from your old version Apk file. Install it on the phone.Now open app. It will ask you to update, but the update did not let him back.Sign in now to re-open the app. Geo tanea to delete your number and password.The app will now appear Unlimited Access to Digital Life tilano will see the message.

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